Wall Insulation

In this current financial climate it is understandable for people to be looking for ways to conserve energy while trying to save money. An ideal way of achieving those goals is to have your property externally insulated. There are a few ways of doing this. If your house was built after 1920, it will usually have a gap between the two layers of wall your home. If this is the case you can have Cavity Wall Insulation injected into the gap between the layers which will provide your home with a layer of insulation. This will help to reduce your energy consumption and reduce your heating bills

Another alternative to Cavity Wall Insulation is External Wall Insulation. This is where you have a layer of insulation panels fixed to the external walls which is then covered with a render coating. This is available in various colours and finishes to provide you with a revitalised exterior. Not all types of property have the cavities where cavity insulation can be injected so this method offers you an alternative way of insulating your home. Due to the nature of this method your property will gain an extra skin which could be up to two inch thick, because of this not every property will be suitable for this type of insulation

Process of Application

Phoenix Exteriors now has a new method of insulating your home or business. We now use a revolutionary external wall insulation which is an advanced wall coating. This coating now contains extra thermal properties, found in the exterior panels used in the traditional method, which are not found in standard wall coatings. Due to these properties the wall coatings provide the best form of insulation your home or business will ever need.   Available in a wide range of finishes and colours mean that you will find a combination that suits your properties style. The coatings, once applied to your external walls will reduce your heating bills, improve your buildings appearance by covering old cracks and blemishes, while alleviating condensation issues. All these benefits while being over 25 % cheaper than either of the more traditional methods, means an exterior wall insulating coating is the ideal way to keep you and your home warm.

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