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Knaresborough is an old historic spa town four miles east of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Phoenix Exteriors has 20 years experience within the exterior wall rendering industry serving both domestic and commercial clients across the town

Throughout Harrogate many houses and buildings have a variety of different ways of improving the aesthetics of the exterior walls. One of the most popular ways of doing this is to have your walls “rendered”.
Exterior wall rendering services yorkshire is where the application of premixed sand and cement, mixed with a bonding agent and water proofer, which is usually added to the first or scratch coat. Render can be coloured or painted after application to match your own requirements. You also have the choice of a number of different textures, from smooth to textured.

Over the years render has been seen as the ultimate rival for traditionally bricked houses. It is also a great way of covering up any existing wall damage that your property already displays.

Process of Application

  • Walls must be hosed down to remove any dust particles and old paint.
  • With a totally clean surface render can then be applied.
  • To make the render it requires 6 parts of clean sharp fine sand to 1 part cement and 1 part lime.
  • Adding lime ensures the render is more workable.
  • A bonding agent is then added to the mix to provide better adhesion.
  • If the client requires a textured finish, coarse sand is added to achieve the textured finish.

Our exterior wall coatings are supplied by the leading manufacturer in the business, Andura.  Andura are the largest manufacturers of long life textured coatings in Europe, with an excellent track record in large commercial projects and home improvements. 

Andura provide wall coatings in these colours

Once the render has been applied it is painted to give some protection against the elements. This painting process has to be repeated over the years to keep original appearance. One of the most common problems with rendered walls is when the paint surface fails, water can penetrate the render. Then in winter time when the temperature falls the water causes cracks in the render that will eventually “blow”. Blow is a term used to describe the process the render goes through once water penetration has resulted in hair line cracks, this is followed then by the render becoming detached from the properties walls.

Exterior Wall Rendering Harrogate

A great solution to failing render exteriors is to coat the outside walls in an exterior wall coatings yorkshire. These coatings are resin based and usually sprayed onto the walls by specially trained technicians. Exterior wall coatings provide a superior barrier to the outside elements. More specifically due to the way the products are manufactured they will not freeze in the winter months and therefore provide a great solution to penetrating damp. They also provide an insulation quality to improve your homes energy efficiency. Wall coatings will cost more than traditional masonry paint but come with a 15 year manufacturer guarantee, so there will be no need for having to constantly have your exterior walls painted every few years. These coatings will also retain their original aesthetics and will ultimately improve the value of your home. To give homeowners more choice these coatings are also available in a number of different finishes and colours. There are a number of top quality Coating companies across the UK that can provide you with a no obligation quote so you can decide if exterior wall coatings will provide you with enough benefits for you to consider over more traditional

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